Writer’s block versus character blocking

As a writer, I am a professional daydreamer. This could be a blessing especially when I am in the writing zone or it can be a curse. The curse happens when I start thinking of everything except when I am supposed to be working on a book. The daydreams get worse when I’m having either a writer’s block or a character block.

Writer’s block is what I am currently going through. I have two books that I am supposed to be focused on but my mind isn’t willing to go into either of the story worlds. But, here I am writing a blog post instead. At least I’m writing. What some people may not realize is the tremendous amount of self imposed guilt and feelings of failure that comes with the hardcore writers block. Writing is a part of who I am. It feeds my soul. I need to write. It’s not a choice. It can crush a writers spirit causing sadness.

Character blocking is something a little different. It is basically a fight between the writer and the characters in the book. It’s when the character(s) reach a certain point in the story and then cross their arms and tap the foot with a scowl on their faces not willing to give the writer anything! Absolutely nothing! The writer can nudge them, push them but the character shakes their head stubbornly and won’t budge a centimeter. The character taunts the writer. It’s aggravating and annoying and causes anger.

For me, the breakthrough from the character blocking will happen in the wee hours of the night from a dream or random thought that pops into my head. It will lead me into the writing zone where the outside would vanishes and I am in the story.

If you’re a writer, you know the only cure for removing the blockers is most likely time. Walk away from the project for a while. Write something else or do something else. The flow will eventually start moving again, but I know, it hurts in the meantime.

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