Cozy Mysteries available by Giselle Lumas

Spilling the Jelly Beans (Beach City Cozy Mysteries: Patsy- Book 1

Patricia Garret and Shirley Martinez are both widowed and retired, and they each have a sweet tooth. One sunny day in Beach City, California, they make a run to the candy store. When they are ready to pay for their candy, they realize no one is at the register. They walk to the back of the store where they discover the body of the store’s owner, Robert Wilkins. He was struck over the head with a jar of jelly beans. They debate whether to call Patricia’s son, Byron Garret, who happens to be a detective, or to call 911. They decide to call 911. Her son is the one who responds to the call along with other police crew.

He warns Patricia and Shirley to stay out of the investigation but knows they will pry as concerned senior citizens of Beach City.