Romance books available by Giselle Lumas

Captain of My Heart

Cass never imagined she would be attracted to someone thirty years older than she was. But when Captain Raymond Jackson entered her backyard, she felt as if a lightning bolt struck her. With the face of Sam Elliot and the body of the Rock, how could she not be attracted? They decided to get to know each other better, and Cass soon learns there are a few secrets Ray is keeping from her. Will their relationship be strong enough to survive?


The Captain’s Son

Raymond Jackson, Jr. returns to Palm Hills, California years after a misunderstanding with his father. His father passed away a year and a half ago, so he feels it’s time to make amends. His brother also suggests Ray makes amends with his father’s girlfriend, Cass, as well. He knows it will be a challenge but believes family and friends are worth fighting for. What Ray didn’t expect was to fall for Cass, whom his father had planned to marry before he passed away. He’s determined to make her his but will she see things his way?


Melody’s Blues

Melody and Reggie’s relationship has skipped past the fresh and exciting phase. Now that her favorite cousin is getting married, she is starting to feel the pressure for marriage. She is resisting it with all of her might.

Reggie isn’t giving up so easily now that she is the one for him. He wants to get to the bottom of what’s holding her back. He soon discovers the root of Melody’s fears, but will she be strong enough and ready to stand up and face them?


Alida’s Way

Alida Dubois has spent her entire life doing what is expected of her. When a two million dollar mistake happens under her watch at Global Alliance Benefits Distribution, she is expected to provide the information of how the mistake happened as well as the name of who caused it. Alida explains what happened but refuses to provide the name of who caused it. She impulsively quits instead. Thus, causing her universe to shift and things suddenly happen in her favor. She remembers what truly makes her happy and decides she’s going to live her life her way.

Jack “The Hammer” Williams is the Vice President, who is in charge of figuring out how the two million dollar mistake happened. He is used to asking the tough questions and getting the answers immediately. Alida is the first person to refuse to answer him. When she quits, he is charged with bringing her back to the company. As he gets to know her though, he decides he wants her all to himself.

Will Jack be included in Alida’s new life?


Truth or Dare: A Love Story

Supermodel Cheyenne Gauthier returns to Beach City, California after ten years of living in the glamorous life. She is eager to get back home and be reunited with her childhood friends. Her friends though aren’t so easily to be persuaded to pick up where they left off. Particularly, Mark Robinson, her very best friend. He has some wounds from her run away that need to heal. Ironically, she is the only one who can heal them.


A Holiday Bet

The Break Room Crew (Claire, Roberta, and James) at Robinson’s Software and Design have placed a bet during the Holiday season. Mostly, because Claire has decided it is her mission to help her boss, Sarah Alexander, find love. Well, the reality is she wants to set her boss up with her brother, Jeremy Buchanan, in hopes to make her boss a little more perkier during the holiday season. James doesn’t think Sarah is capable of love. Roberta thinks Claire may be on to something.

Will Sarah go on a date and kiss Jeremy by Thanksgiving? Will Jeremy propose to Sarah by Christmas Day?

Claire is betting and determined to win


Sandy Times

In this day and age, one would believe that skin color would not matter, but in this coming of age novel, Sandra Ray learns that it still matters in a painful way. Although she is twenty three, attends college full time and works as a sales associate, she has a little growing up to do. She realizes she can’t live with her sister and brother-in-law forever and is angry and bitter from feeling a lack of control of what happens in her life. When her sister and brother-in-law try to set her up with a successful Pediatrician she resists with all her might. It’s the one thing she believes she can control… or can she?


Tug of Love

Illuminating and heartfelt, Tug of Love by Giselle Lumas is a gritty and poignant tale of a hardworking mother of two who is pretty sure her husband is cheating on her. Fed up with the emotional and physical rejection of her not-so-better half, she is neither surprised nor terribly alarmed when her spouse jumps ship into the arms of another woman. Making the best of a bad situation, she finds solace in a new love interest only to have her ex decide he wants a second chance. Caught between cause and commitment, one woman must rally the troops and pull at her own heartstrings to figure out what’s best for her and her family.


Forty Weeks to You

Aidan Beaumont has it all: the fiancé, the career, the car, and the clothes. Or does she? She hears her mom and her best friend’s nagging question in her head often: “But are you happy?” When she finally realizes the answer to the question is no, she calls things off with her fiancé and attends her best friend’s wedding solo. While at the wedding she gets swept off her feet and has a one-night stand or two, then discovers she is pregnant. Her ex-fiancé wants to give things a try, her one-night stand wants to try for more, and then her ex–best friend decides to insert himself back into her life. Will she find the unconditional love that she’s been searching for in one of these three men or will she be forever single?

Twelve Weeks of Christmas– available on December 19, 2020

A few readers who have read Truth or Dare: A Love Story have requested me to write Reggie and Maggie’s story. Twelve Years of Christmas is their story. It spans from their senior year in high school to the moment they finally obtain their happily ever after (or at least, their version of it) when they are thirty. As a heads-up, this novel is a bit steamier and has some colorful language. It’s a roller-coaster journey. I hope you enjoy the ride.


Maggie and Reggie have known each other since they were five. They have been getting on each other’s nerves ever since Reggie poured sand into Maggie’s chocolate milk. They are doomed to hang around each other because each of their best friends insist they all hang out as a group. Just before graduating high school, sparks begin to fly. It begins a tumultuous on-again, off-again relationship. Will they ever get on the same track headed in the same direction? Will they ever have a Merry Christmas together?