Sci-Fi novels available by Giselle Lumas

Her Forgotten Halo

Dex and Lexi have been tasked with helping Kylie Wilson remember who she truly is. Kylie may be married with three kids, but if she doesn’t remember that she is an angel soon, she will lose more than her family. Will she remember in time?


Malique’s Quest

Malique Laveaux is a fifteen-year-old misfit with multi-toned skin. He’s an orphan and often spends time alone until one day he runs into a flower shop. There, he meets the owner, Sokie Roberts, and her ten-year-old niece, Lani. He feels connected to them somehow. As time progresses, Lani informs Malique she has dreams about him. One of the dreams includes him aboard a ship being manhandled by two burly men demanding he take his shirt off so they can see the map on his back. Then strange things start to happen. One of the most beautiful girls from school, Clarissa Jones, suddenly takes notice of Malique. Even a Professor of History turns up on his doorstep, claiming to be an old friend of his biological mother. The professor also insists that his sister is still alive.

Is his sister truly alive? Could the pattern on Malique’s skin actually be a map?


Lani’s Mission (The World Through a Shaded Eye- Book 1)– available August 29, 2020

Skye Alexander has just learned her grandmother passed away. When she goes to New Orleans, Louisiana, for the funeral, her aunt Mo divulges a family secret. Skye learns “the Gift” has been passed on to her. She isn’t so sure she wants to accept the Gift but realizes she most likely doesn’t have a choice. Skye’s had vision issues ever since she gave birth to her firstborn, especially in her right eye, but now she knows why. She can see shadows and shapes with her right eye. She soon realizes they are spirits. With the guidance of her aunt Mo, she learns how to control and use her newfound gift.

Lani Laveaux is tired of her big brother’s ego. Ever since they returned to Beach City, California, from New Orleans, Louisiana, after finding, then destroying the pebble of knowledge, Malique has changed into someone she doesn’t recognize. She and his ex-girlfriend, Clarissa, have been trying to get through to him, but he refuses to listen. Lani starts to have dreams that their mother is still alive and is determined to find out the truth. Since Malique won’t listen to her pleas, she enlists the help of Professor Chapman. Chapman learns of Skye’s gift. The professor, Lani, and Clarissa meet with Skye. Will they find out the truth of what happened to Lani and Malique’s mother? Is she alive? Will Malique rediscover who he is?